Government Isn’t Necessary For Contraception Access

In an opinion published by National Geographic, Melinda Gates shared her view on the importance of providing women with contraceptives, and information about her her global partnership, Family Planning 2020, which has pledged to get 120 million women access to contraceptives by the year 2020. Gates’s plan is a truly selfless, philanthropic endeavor which serves no purpose other than to provide needy women with access to contraceptives to improve their lives. This is what plans about access to contraceptives should look like. Private individuals advocating for a cause they believe in, not taxation and government programs.

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Trailer for Netflix Series ‘Dear White People’ Triggers Racial Controversy

Yesterday, Netflix revealed the first trailer, and date announcement, for their new original series ‘Dear White People’. The video, which currently sits at around half a million views, and a more than 95% dislike to like ratio, has sparked controversy among viewers who claim the trailer is promoting racism against whites. The TV adaptation of the 2014 Justin Simien film will chronicle the story of Samatha White, host of the radio show ‘Dear White People’ at the fictional Winchester University. The trailer features White on her radio show telling white students what they can and cannot be for Halloween this year. Specifically that they cannot be her, a black person.

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Where Were These Refugee Sympathizers When Obama Was Bombing Their Countries?

Protests at nearly every major airport have erupted in the last several days in response to President Trump’s immigration ban on seven Muslim majority countries. Protestors call the 90 day suspension of travel from individuals from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Libya a human rights violation that does not represent American values. Some have likened it as a first step toward policies like the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II. I only have one question for these protestors; Why weren’t you protesting when President Obama was bombing these nations, the reason why their residents are refugees in the first place?

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Objection! Russia Has Not Been Implicated in Power Grid Hack

At the time I write this, stories from The Washington Post, USA Today (subsidiaries), and others are circulating around the web making the bold claim that the Left’s new boogeyman, Russia, is behind an attempt to compromise a power grid. Unfortunately, none of the sources perpetuating this lie have any evidence whatsoever to substantiate this claim.

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Why Socialism Couldn’t Work Even If Everyone Was On Board

We’ve all been there. It is by far the most common criticism levied against socialism: without incentive, who would do the hard jobs? Who would work at all? After all, if the reward is the same, why should someone choose to work sanitation instead of being a painter, or be a farmer instead of a florist?

However this argument does little against many people including, notably, actual socialists. So let’s go ahead and assume, for the fun of it, that everybody goes on board with socialism. Meaning: people work jobs prescribed to them regardless of thought of personal gain, and people continue to innovate without hope of compensation.

Could it work?

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Why We Need Range Voting and Not Ranked Voting

Since I first heard of Instant-Runoff Voting (IRV), I’ve been a proponent of alternative voting systems. We’ve all seen first hand this election how having one and only one vote can mean the choice between the Giant Douche and the Turd Sandwich. To fix this problem with our current electoral process many different voting schemes have been proposed, the most popular and recognized of which is IRV, which recently passed in the state of Maine (and will be used in all of their elections, minus the president).

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