Your Life is Sacred!.. Until You’re Born

Donald Trump has said that he plans to elect Supreme Court justices who are pro-life, and in turn plans to overturn the decision in Roe v. Wade, returning the right to create legislation regarding abortion back to the states. Logistically speaking I have reservations about this happening, that is to say that I doubt the law will change. Personally, I believe that Trump was pandering to the pro-life base and now that he is president this issue will take a backseat. Roe v. Wade has long been settled and it would be a nightmare to change it, but again this is just my opinion. I could be dead wrong.

I’m not here to talk about what is going to happen in regards to abortion law. What I’m more interested in are the people I believe Trump was pandering to, the Pro-Lifers. Not the Christians who feel abortion is wrong and personally will never get one, but the supporters of the Pro-Life movement who feel that their perspective should be reflected in law. The people who go out and protest at Planned Parenthood, and sport bumper stickers with the phrase “it’s not a choice, it’s a child”.

These people have a moral conviction that says life starts at conception. Once sperm touches the egg, it’s a child. To abort a fetus, translated, means to commit murder. These people care so much about the life of that child that they will do whatever it takes to make sure the mother does not get an abortion. They really love that kid. Until it’s born, at least.

No one wants an abortion. No woman gets pregnant only to realize she doesn’t have the resources to support the child, and then shouts from the rooftops “Yes! I get to go through the emotional trauma of ending my pregnancy!”. Abortions happen out of necessity. Young women get pregnant out of marriage (sorry Catholics) and it’s a fact of life that has to be recognized. You can point fingers all day about how they should have used protection, or been on the pill, or not have been such a “slut”, but regardless of how the pregnancy could have been prevented it is now a reality.

So what are the options? Many women face the reality that were they to have this child they would have no means of taking care of it other than government assistance. Additionally, many women with unwanted pregnancies wouldn’t have a husband or significant other to aide in caring for the child. They would be taking on the momentous task of raising a child alone, and broke. So they get an abortion, and Pro-Lifers come out of the woodwork to shame them.

Being Pro-Life is the epitome of the socially conservative viewpoint, so it is safe to say that the vast majority of Pro-Lifers are Republicans. If you know a Democrat Pro-Lifer, please let me know. These same people hold the view that the government should cut back on social programs like welfare and medicaid. They want people to get off of the government teet and get out there and work.

I don’t think that calling for cuts to socially programs is immoral, or inherently wrong. I consider myself a Libertarian and in my mind government interference is the cause of many of today’s economic woes. What I do think, however, is that calling for cuts to social programs, and offering no alternative in its place, is inconsistent with being Pro-Life. Pro-Lifers love that child and want to make sure that it is brought into this world by any means necessary. Once it arrives? They don’t want anything to do with it. It’s the mother’s problem.

If Pro-Lifers care so much about the well being of a fetus why does that care stop the second that the fetus leaves the womb? How can a person tell a pregnant women, that has no means of supporting her child, that she has to keep it, but also tell her that she deserves no assistance? In order to be a Pro-Life, shouldn’t you care about that person’s life once they are physically brought into the world?

So many children grow up in single parent homes, in bad neighborhoods, go to bad schools, are around gang violence and crime constantly, and grow up to repeat the cycle. Children don’t stay children for long, they eventually become adults. That fetus that pro-lifers so desperately wanted to save might be born in an inner city, to a mother who didn’t want it, in the worst possible environment you could have to raise a child, and grow up to be another leech on society that they so viciously despise. 

Babies are cute, innocent, and adorable, but they are sponges. They absorb what is around them. If you are fighting to make sure that baby is born, only to be born into a war zone, you are not compassionate, you do not have moral superiority, you are not exhibiting Christian love. You are being a selfish, arrogant, asshole who believes that they know what’s best for other people despite never trying to understand their lives.

In closing, everyone is allowed to have their personal beliefs. If you are against abortion, god almighty, you have the sovereign right not to have one. But the second that you start imposing your religious beliefs on others, telling them that they are required to have a child they cannot support, you should have the decency to stick around once it’s born.


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