NEWS: /r/politics again under CTR rule, or just left-reddit back to old tricks?

Featured Image: Me using TRC CounterIntelligence on the /r/politics front page

In response to a post on reddit I busted out my good ol subreddit analysis tool TRC CounterIntelligence to give /r/politics a health checkup. The results weren’t what I expected.

As soon as Al Jazeera announced that Donald Trump was the projected winner of the United States Presidential Election, I took to reddit to see if the CTR hold on /r/politics had been broken. It was like a ceasefire during a bloody conflict in there, both sides were meeting in the middle to shake hands after that crazy November election. Satisfied that the problem had been solved, suffice it to say, I never touched /r/politics again.

So what’s going on now? I’m not exactly sure. My analysis shows that just over 50% of the posts shown when you sort by ‘hot’ are anti-trump. This is a non-negligible improvement over before, but still is a obviously one-sided narrative.

Some may be quick to accuse shills to be responsible for this, though I am not so sure. After all, reddit is widely accepted to have a left bias. Veterans may recall that it wasn’t so long ago that it was Bernie Sanders that was being spammed across the /r/politics netscape.

Furthermore, the data is not overly suspicious. Plenty of comments on the ‘pro’ hillary articles, most of which were about her potential for a win by recount or faithless electors, would seem to indicate actual discussion and not just silent agreement.

However, on the other hand, most of the articles I categorized as ‘actual news’, were very left and anti-republican. So if you were to categorize the articles as ‘left’, ‘right’, and ‘unrelated/actual news’, it would be almost 100% ‘left’.

Honestly though, I don’t think any of this is evidence of shill involvement. /r/politics was far in the hillary dungeon for the longest time and it is far more likely that is has simply indoctrinated and/or alienated its alternative base.


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