Dear American Women: You are not Oppressed

This past weekend, in the wake of Trump’s inauguration, around half of a million people, mostly women, marched on the capital to protest Trump’s presidency as well as stand up for Women’s rights. Yes, these women liken themselves to Susan B. Anthony and other famous feminist icons who struggled in the fight for Women’s suffrage. Adorned in pink pussy hats, toting signs that say “pussy grabs back” and other meaningless slogans, these women marched on the capital to deliver the clear message that… hmm, this one is a bit of a mystery.

Unlike their counterparts in the suffrage movement, the women who attended the ‘Women’s Mach’ really seem to have no idea what they are out there for other than a vague complaint that the patriarchy is oppressing them. Let’s do an exercise called “Are you oppressed?”. It’s a simple questionnaire.

Did you have to be accompanied by a male counterpart to leave your house to attend the march, like women in Saudi Arabia have to? Are you, by law, prohibited from obtaining financial independence? Are you prohibited from obtaining an education? Are you prohibited from making your own decisions in regards to marriage? Are you prohibited from voicing your opinions? When you are abused, attacked, or raped by a man do you face honor killings in order to protect your family’s reputation? Are you denied employment on the basis of being a woman? Is there anything that you are legally prohibited from doing that a man can?

If you answered no to the questions above I have some great news for you: You are not oppressed! The women who participated in the ‘Women’s March’, though they have no clear and direct message, all seem to agree that something needs to be done about ‘women’s rights’, because apparently they still don’t have them.

So what exactly are these women protesting for when they ask for ‘women’s rights’? This medium article seems to offer some insight into how these women feel. From the article;

You still have to pay taxes for your basic sanitary needs… You still have to carry mace when walking alone at night… You still don’t have paid (or even unpaid) maternity leave… You are still objectified. You are still catcalled. You are still sexualized… You are still being abused by your husband, by your boyfriend… You are not equal. Your daughters are not equal. You are still systemically oppressed.

Oh lord, I guess we might as well just dive in. First of all, if this march is supposed to be about having equal rights I am unclear how having to ‘pay taxes for sanitary needs’ somehow makes you unequal to men. The tax this woman is referring to is the ‘Tampon Tax’, and as a Libertarian I do agree with the author that the tax should be removed but we have different reasons for believing the tax should be removed. The Tampon Tax in California amounts to women paying an extra $7 a month for their hygiene products. Talk about oppression, right? Never mind policies that actually discriminate on the basis of gender, like selective service which only makes men sign up to be drafted, let’s focus on the fact that tampons should be a little cheaper.

To her second point, about having to carry mace at night, I have a shocker for all the women out there: it is unsafe for men to walk around in bad areas of town at night as well! As a former Austin Texas resident, a handful of times I had to make the 50 minute walk back from 6th street to my apartment on 28th when no Ubers were around to drive me, and guess what? It is still a scary walk even if you are a guy. I have a torn ligament in my shoulder which makes my right arm fairly useless in a fighting situation. Punching something full force at the right angle will almost certainly dislocate it. At 3 in the morning, on abandoned downtown streets, I, as a man, do not feel safe. You do not have a right to ‘feel safe’, this is a ludicrous and unobtainable goal to ask of your government. You have a right to actually be safe but you do not have a right to feel a certain way, and that is why there are laws against assault, both sexual and non sexual. I have no idea how feeling unsafe at night makes you ‘unequal’ because there are millions of men who have the same feeling.

Regarding maternity leave, the author states that “United States has no policy requiring maternity leave” which is blatantly false as women are awarded 12 weeks by law, albeit unpaid. What is interesting is that in the quest for being equal this author has given no mention to paternity leave for new fathers. If this march was about being ‘equal’ shouldn’t these women be arguing for the same rights for men and women? The answer to that question is of course yes, but what these women want isn’t about being ‘equal’ it’s about being elevated to a status above men.

To her point regarding being sexualized: Please, I implore you to go live in a country that practices sharia law, since the leader of the women’s march thinks it’s so great, where you will not have any men sexualizing you behind your burka. As a women in the United States you posses more freedom than women in nearly every other country in the world, and one of those freedoms is that you are allowed to dress provocatively, but you do not have the freedom to not be looked when you wear something that is obviously attempting to draw attention to yourself. You have the right to not be sexually assaulted, raped, or harassed, but you don’t have the right to not be looked at. If I decide to go out on the street wearing nothing but a Speedo and a tank top I am aware that I will draw attention to myself. When men wear revealing clothing they are looked at too. You are not facing systemic oppression from the patriarchy because some man you don’t find attractive is ogling you when you decide to go out wearing a crop top and shorts that let your ass hang out.

Lastly, regarding abuse, there are an infinite number of resources available to women who are in abusive relationships. Domestic violence is illegal in the United States, and the vast majority of the time the law only protects women. Men can be victims of domestic violence too, yet their stories are never heard and I see no one standing up for these abused souls. If you think that you are oppressed as a women in the United States I beg you to go to a country like Pakistan where you can be murdered for being raped. Things do not always go right, like the Brock Turner case, and I am part of the crowd that believes justice was not served in that instance, but to claim that women in America are abused to the point of being oppressed is absolutely ludicrous considering the protections offered here which are laughed at in other parts of the world.

Dear women of the United States, stop crying about oppression and the patriarchy. You have the freedom to do absolutely anything you want to do in this country, and there is quite literally nothing holding you back. You are no longer in a fight for ‘equality’, you are in a fight for government benefits. You want more maternity leave, you want taxes to be eliminated on products only designed for women, you want to ‘feel safe’ at night and not have to carry mace, you want to be able to wear provocative outfits without being ogled, and these are not endeavors of equality but rather an endeavor of elevating your status.

If you were really in a fight for ‘equality’ you would be standing up for paternity leave, you would be fighting to get women included in the draft, you would stand up for the rights of male rape victims and male domestic abuse victims, you would fight for the rights of good fathers who lose custody over their children in divorce simply because they are men, but you aren’t in the fight for equality. You are in the fight for feeling like you’re doing something. You are in the fight for ‘pussy pride’ and other meaningless slogans. You are a disgrace to the real women who stood up against actual oppression and not micro-aggressions. The world does not owe you anything, and in this country you are awarded quite literally every freedom that a man has. Your fight has ceased to be a fight for equality, and thus has lost all legitimacy.

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  1. Good on you, I definitely share a very similar opinion. I’d love to see more of this coupled with references and more material supporting this opinion. Mostly things like this get shouted down and written off, on more social platforms. But keep it up I think your head is in the right place.

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    • Mostly things like this get shouted down and written off, on more social platforms. But keep it up I think your head is in the right place.

      Yeah that’s because every time someone writes something like this it’s presented with no references or material.
      Its really just a load of “feelz” which is pretty ridiculous when you think about it.
      Don’t have time to go through it all but just look at this segment and the amount of logical fallacies/misinformation present:

      Did you have to be accompanied by a male counterpart to leave your house to attend the march, like women in Saudi Arabia have to?

      Seems to be suggesting that just because things are worse for women in Saudi, things must be fine for women here. Logical fallacy.

      Are you, by law, prohibited from obtaining financial independence?

      No one in the country is prohibited from obtaining financial independence. By the author’s reasoning, therefore no one (He is talking about women here but the point could equally apply to blacks/gays/disabled people/any minority) is capable of being oppressed. Clearly a huge logical fallacy.

      Are you prohibited from obtaining an education?
      See above

      Are you prohibited from making your own decisions in regards to marriage?
      See above

      Are you prohibited from voicing your opinions?
      See above

      When you are abused, attacked, or raped by a man do you face honor killings in order to protect your family’s reputation?
      Large numbers of women in the western world actually do face abuse and rape by men. As well as honor killings. The premise of this point seems to be that this isn’t the case, so this point is based on misinformation.

      Are you denied employment on the basis of being a woman? Is there anything that you are legally prohibited from doing that a man can?
      Again it is a logical fallacy that saying no to either of these questions means you are not capable of being oppressed.

      Anyway that’s really all I got time for, these anti-women rants are a dime a dozen online these days – I just wanted to lay out a brief examination of a small part of it, so that hopefully at least a few people who see it will be encouraged to think a bit deeper rather than just blindly agreeing with the author because it seems to vaguely fit in with their biased and subjective view of the world The rest of the article falls apart just as easily under examination, either take my word for it or examine it yourself – look at it statement by statement and try and work out whether it is based on objective, provable logic or just butthurt, bad logic and “feelz”.

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      • Bad logic, huh? Unlike your dumb ass I studied logic formally, and it involves a lot more than stating “logical fallacy” after taking a sentence out of context. What I love about people who prattle on about “logical fallacies”, is they almost invariably never present a counter-thesis of their own. Care to make a case as to why women are actually “oppressed” in the United States? Oh, that’s right, you “don’t have time”, you just have time to make a totally useless contribution to the discussion, where you commit, quite blatantly, the fallacy of the strawman, in implying that the author made an argument of the form:

        “Women in Saudi Arabia cannot leave the house without a man. Women in the US can leave the house without a man. Therefore women in the US are not oppressed.”

        Which is not at all what the author did, you git.

        Why don’t you re-read the essay, applying your robust critical thinking skills to determining the authors original point. If you can’t even re-state a persons argument in a fair way, then you don’t any grounds to burden everyone with your malformed observations of the authors logical soundness.

        First he contrasts the state of women in the west with women in various other parts of the world, particularly Sharia-practicing countries in the middle east. His point is that women here are free economically, free to leave the house, get an education, say whatever they want, have legal protections against workplace discrimination, are not lacking any of the legal rights men posess, and are protected from cultures that consider it a virtue to kill women for being defiant of their father or husband. The point is that they do not suffer any significant forms of oppression that women actually do in other parts of the world. I consider the list thorough. Did he miss something big? Oppression through microaggression maybe? Oh please, tell me how none of this proves women in the west aren’t oppressed! We all know going through all the major forms of legal and cultural oppression and showing that they do not exist in the west is such a fallacious way of arguing a political position!

        He then brings up the evidence of “oppression” these people point to, and refutes it, essentially arguing that women don’t want “freedom” so much as they want government benefits, preferential legal and cultural treatment, and have a narcissistic insistence on controlling how other people in society perceive them and think of them (complaints about being “sexualized”). Guess what, if someone wants to sexualize you, tough shit. You do not ever get to dictate what another person thinks of you. If you have a problem with that, go move to North Korea.

        And what the hell do you even need “references” for here. Why don’t post some fucking references about how “oppressed” women are.You’re such a pseudo-intellectual. You have no idea how to properly analyze an argument or make one yourself, and you don’t actually know what passes for proper critical thinking, so you fixate on random trappings of sound arguments, like the presence of enough hotlinks and website article citations. And when all else fails, though in a few accusations of “feelz”, as if you somehow have developed a political philosophy that is free of any “feelz” or opinions derived from arbitrary value judgements.

        Face it, when you get down to the specifics, there are no serious forms of oppression afflicting women in the west, and all the shit people are actually howling about consists of cultural artifacts like “mansplaining” and the unwillingness of politicians like Trump to constantly stroke the egos of under-achieving female hyperconsumers, via a refusal to prattle on about how wymym are so stronk and do need no man to do nuffin for them.

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        • Equality is far from equal in the west. Where are all the women in politics, sports, religion, corporate leadership etc?

          Does not matter if you formally studied logic. Where is the school for common sense?


          • It’s equality, as in “Equal Opportunities”, not “equal outcomes”. Women have every opportunity a man does, more in some cases ( see the studies about female candidates being hired preferentially in stem fields ).

            It’s ignorant to assume that the difference in outcomes is due to sexism, especially in light of all the legal tools women have to ensure that doesn’t happen.


          • Women get killed and raped by men every year in the US-and we’re talking thousands and millions of women. And no, women are not allowed to say whatever they want. Women are losing their jobs just for pointing out that female is a biological reality. Also, do you see who the fucking president is?


      • Hmm,. actually this is a comparative issue- so well… Oppression means you are actively being held back in a differential way – so with more women in University than men? With women having the option to be a stay at home parent and be accepted, but not men? Have you looked at how choice drives income? Men are oddly 93% of workplace deaths and serious incomes, because they have to earn the income – and work more dangerous jobs, also less pleasant jobs – so seriously.

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        • Hi I’m an American woman and I do not have the option to stay at home. That would require me marrying a man with a enough money to support both of us and that isn’t something I can just force to happen.


  2. this is classic, another article with a man crying about how women aren’t oppressed…we get it dude, all women hate you and you need a reason why


    • Not that you care, but I love the company of women in my life. I have a girlfriend I love, and many female friends, a lot of whom share my opinion on how ridiculous this march was. You are being quite sexist by lumping all women into the category of being for the march, shame on you, I don’t support such misogyny.

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      • Oh my god you let a woman share a blog with you?! Everything you say is automatically valid. Also, how intelligent is this woman? Does she blindly agree with everything you say Trey?


    • how does saying women aren’t oppressed mean you hate women?

      I would think it means that you love women because you think they are your equals.

      Do you want to be oppressed? Is this some goal for feminism? I’m very confused how saying that you aren’t oppressed = hatred


      • Um I think ignoring the women who are killed and abused by male partners every year is kind of erasing an important problem…


        • So then no men should be advocating for women’s issues either. Get out there and notify them all that their opinions are null and void because they’re men. Unless of course you side with their opinions, then they count. Did I get it right?


            • So if I decided that men have the right to own their wives as property, you can’t challenge that because you’re a woman this is a men’s issue? Gotcha.

              Gender doesn’t negate logic and argumentation, if you would like to address the argument we can have a real discussion, dismissing my arguments because I’m a man only shows that you have none.


        • Then you have no right to say men aren’t also oppressed. If you do, then shockhorror


          Yeah, identity politics are retarded


        • He’s going to go to his Mom, and his Girlfriend, and that Woman that he owns half the site with, and try to spin this. He’s going to go “Can you believe some FEMINAZI said that JUST BECAUSE OF WHO I AM, im a shitty source of womens lived experiences?”

          and they’re going to go “…well, that makes sense”.

          And he’s going to shift the goalposts “No, they said that EVERYTHING i said was wrong because men are always wrong and evil!”

          and they’ll go “….oh, if they said that then…then i guess you’re right honey”

          and he’ll say “HA! I KNEW i won the debate! Thanks mom! Can you make me some peanut butter snackers?? i gotta get back to grand theft auto”


          • The women in my life are intelligent enough to realize how ridiculous the march was. None of them have had a problem. Please invent more imaginary people and conversations to fit your narrative if you’d like, though.


    • The basic argument is that oppression isn’t the denial of benefits, it’s the denial of rights. Mostly in response to that terrible medium article. My point was merely to show what actual oppression looks like. It’s not manspreading and micro aggressions, it’s having acid thrown in your face for not marrying your cousin.


      • Thank you Trey for defining oppression for every one. The next time I or one of my female friends gets raped I’ll make sure to tell her it’s not oppression. Boys will be boys, right?


  3. you want us to pay for your tampons, but you don’t have to sign up for the draft….REALLY??? can you say Straw Man. unbelievable


    wow trey, pls stop writing for the sake of humanity


  5. I love all the people here -women- saying that he’s wrong cause he’s a guy. Yes, a man is perfectly capable of telling you facts and information that render your paradigm invalid.

    This isn’t to say women aren’t oppressed at all; they are. But so are men. It’s saying that the narrative of men on top and women beneath them is simply wrong.

    If you repeat a lie enough times the people believe it. The funny thing is is that no one thinks they’re susceptible to that. Feminism is a giant, glaring substantiation of that saying. The rank and file feminists bleat and bleat and bleat…


  6. The argument that it’s worse in other places so you have it fine isn’t logically sound. Abortion rights are most definitely under siege by the evangelical in this country and the omission of that by your post speaks volumes.


    • Just so there’s no confusion: I agree with the overall message of the article, but I agree with you to an extent on the two points you make here.

      First, I too didn’t really like the argument in the article that, basically, “If you’re not experiencing the oppression of Saudi Arabia then you aren’t oppressed” (paraphrasing). However after reading the entire article I understand the point that the author was trying to make – he’s trying to compare severe examples of oppression with the demands of the Women’s March a few sentences later. I think that point is fine, but it’s not phrased very well. If it were me, instead of saying “Since you aren’t experiencing this, you aren’t oppressed” I would have said something like “Are you experiencing this? No? Then what oppression are you claiming to face?” and then immediately followed up with the list of the Women’s March demands.

      As for abortion rights, I agree they are under assault and I’m not happy about it either. But I also think every right is and will always be under assault by people who think we shouldn’t have them. I don’t think it’s good enough to point to people who want to take away your right and to say “See, since those people exist, I’m oppressed” because with that definition for oppression a) you will always be oppressed and b) I don’t think people’s opinions count as oppression until they actually enforce those opinions on you. In other words oppression is an action, it’s not a mere opinion – you must be forced or forbidden to do something in order to be oppressed.

      Abortion in the Unites States is still a legal right, no matter how much some people disagree with that. I know that some states have tried passing laws to make it harder to have an abortion, but these laws have been stricken down by courts very quickly, often before they could even be enacted. So I don’t think women are oppressed in that regard, their right to abortion still exists and attempts to take it away are systematically failing. When the right to have an abortion is taken away from them, then I will agree that they are oppressed. But for now, as long as it’s just people trying and failing to take that right away, I don’t call it oppression.


  7. Great article. the only thing i wish the left and right would realize is that islam, muslim nations are not oppressive to just women. It is oppressive to men as well.

    men suffer greatly in islamic nations. Its as if people think islamic mothers do not teach their children anything and are just innocent sweet home makers. islamic mothers do not teach against their faith, they reinforce it to the next generation of men and women muslims.

    Stop blaming islam on just men and stop saying islam is oppression against only women. Like christian nations of old, muslim nations simply put the weight of action and responsibility only on mens shoulders. Its not fair to say only women are oppressed in that way.

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  8. Hi Trey! Thanks for expressing your curiosity about the women’s march. I saw towards the top of your blog post that you weren’t quite sure what the principles of the march exactly were. Don’t worry, lots of people have that problem, I’m glad that I can help you out here.

    That link has some pretty clear bullet points that might clear things up for you. Maybe if you want you can write a blog post critiquing the actual ‘guiding vision and definition of principles’ rather than the blog post that you found on the internet, written by somebody who to my knowledge had no hand in the organizing of the women’s march. Thanks again!


      • And I mean ridiculous to the extent that the things that actually matter haven’t already been accomplished. Most of these things are already in effect, so to the rest of the list is pretty pointless.


          • No worries, and I see your point. My understanding is that the Women’s March was conducted in the first place because women were concerned that the newly elected government would create laws that roll back the progress that has been made by earlier generations. It doesn’t seem impossible that a completely Republican government will pass conservative laws, and I think a lot of women wanted the government to know that they don’t want to lose the progress that has been made.

            Also, I’m sorry for my sort of sarcastic tone in my first post. I didn’t actually expect you to engage with me in good faith, so I’m glad that you proved me wrong haha!


              • Yeah that’s reasonable, I probably shouldn’t have engaged with him I just get so goddamn frustrated when idiots act like the march didn’t have a clearly defined set of goals and principles.


  9. Great write-up, Trey. These comments are great too. Not one actual counterpoint to an argument except that someone should step on your dick, this is a steaming pile of shit, and you’re wrong because you’re a man. I guess when someone has no answer to logic they resort to ad hominem attacks. Brilliant as always.

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  10. I’m struggling myself with being shouted down. Thank you for sticking your neck out. You’re lucky to have the female buffer being the other 50%. Many of us fight alone with only crickets as our choir.

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    • I’m very lucky to have such a level headed, intelligent woman running this blog with me. I’d say she’s a lot smarter than I am. Not to put words in her mouth, but she found the march silly as well.


  11. hmm I think maybe you’ll find that your already shaky argument is a lot less sound when you include the most pressing issues women actually face such a reproductive rights. You know there is something about electing a self-proclaimed pussy grabber as leader of the free world that can make a woman feel oppressed. But as a man, I am sure you know exactly how women feel.


    • Your comment only furthers the point I’m making in the article. Someone said some words you got offended by, no action was ever taken, and you are now crying out oppression because of an off the cuff, hyperbolic remark. People in the comments section keep calling out straw man, but you all look like idiots when you think that hypothetical speech is oppression when there are women in the world who are actually facing oppression. You sound like a spoiled brat.


  12. I really enjoyed reading this blog post. After hearing about the Women’s March, I thought that it would be something that I could stand behind but I realized the motives behind it were just too vague. The whole idea of “standing together in solidarity” promotes a unified voice, but what do they actually want to accomplish?
    You’re a dime among nickels, Trey. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  13. “You are no longer in a fight for ‘equality’, you are in a fight for government benefits. ”

    It’s a fight they’ve already won. Now they’re just greedily eyeing the leftover scraps.

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  14. Well comparisons with the situation of women in Pakistan are uncalled for. One can’t just stop fighting for their own rights just because someone somewhere else has it even worse. I agree with the bulk of your argument though. From a legal perspective the women’s rights movement has certainly achieved all it set out to. It can continue to call attention to certain issues that affect women a disproportionate amount but if it does it should do so for issues facing men too. So as not to further divide the sexes in these meaningless culture war shit.

    All that said the Trump presidency might imply regression on certain issues facing women. I am not American and therefore probably not as well informed as you lot. Yet I have heard multiple times now how the Hyde amendment might become permanent, how Roe v Wade might be repelled and how Trump has cut funding to health agencies suggesting abortion as a viable option for pregnant women. For someone that is pro-choice like me this seems to be an issue that it’s worth opposing your new president for. So in this regard I do think there is at least one valid cause for women to be marching. Any thoughts?


  15. “You are no longer in a fight for ‘equality’, you are in a fight for government benefits. ”

    It is actually a fight for control.. Women in general, and the feminist movement as a whole, feel they are better then men. In fact, this is one of the founding principles of modern feminism. “Renowned” feminist/socialist Barbara Ehrenreich even wrote a widely circulated article in the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal, stating that, for her, the most shocking aspect of the whole thing was the way the photos, showing Lynndie England participating in the humiliation of male prisoners, profoundly challenged her bedrock core conviction that women were innately better human beings than men.
    So, why are women so convinced that they are better people than men? Clearly part of it is attributable to the second-wave feminism of the 60s and 70s and beyond, which is based, not on the idea of women having all the same doors open to them that are open to men, but on the idea that women are superior to men and that, while men really need women, women don’t really need men.

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  16. I agree with the article. Most of it. But I feel I have to speak out against the blatant misconceptions and, as it were, veiled Islamophobia hiding behind the recurring contrasting of Western societies with those under Sharia law.
    Yes, most of those societies are oppressive. But they are oppressive at the expense of all its citizens, men and women. While it is perfectly possible to have a society where whites oppress blacks and benefit from it (South Africa comes to mind), I have never seen a society where it is unarguably better to be a man than a woman. In fact, Pew happiness research shows that Afghanistan has one of the highest happiness gender gaps, with women reporting far higher levels of happiness than men (though lower then men in most Western nations).
    Why? Because Sharia societies are patriarchies – dialled up. Gender roles are simply more extreme. This means that women’s sexuality is sacred and pure and has to be constantly protected – through all kinds of restrictions. But it also means that men’s responsibility to provide and protect is equally extreme – quite a burden in a country like Afghanistan, where 12 hours of backbreaking, dangerous labour is barely enough to put food on the table. In Saudi Arabia, women are, ridiculously, not allowed to drive (though some do with foreign licenses), but their husbands are required to provide them with cars and drivers. Women work much less than men, but their husbands are LEGALLY prohibited from asking their wives to help pay for rent or food. We hear about the horrific honour system, but overlook that the same honor system affect four-five times as many male victims. We hear horrific stories about how rapists go unpunished if they marry their victims, but we do not hear that sleeping with a woman without marrying her is considered rape and often punished severely, or how men can be lynched at the mere accusation of a woman, pushed to falsely accuse by her family to save her honour. We hear about how they hate homosexuals, but we do not hear that it is almost only gay men who face punishment.

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  17. This is honestly disgusting. Yes, women in america are more privileged than plenty of other people, but that does not mean that they are not oppressed. Sure, some other humans have it worse, but that does not make the oppression against american woman any less. Until they day there is no argument about abortion and a woman is allowed to have control over her own body, women will be oppressed. Until the day a woman is not asked if she was ‘dressed provocatively’ or if she ‘was asking for it’ etc when she reports a rape, women will be oppressed. I’m not sure why you find what a woman wears as a problem. I shouldn’t have to cover every square inch of my body so that I won’t get raped. Obviously getting raped is my fault, definitely. No! Sure, you may not like it if a woman is wearing a short skirt, but that gives you absolutely no right to sexually assault her. Until women are not slut shamed, they will be oppressed. Until women are not taught to ‘not get raped’ instead of teaching people to not rape, women will be oppressed. Until there is no longer a wage gap, women will be oppressed. Until people like you stop telling women what they can and can’t do, what they should and shouldn’t feel, and what it is like to be a woman, women will be oppressed. I don’t know what world you are living in, but every feminist I know stands for equal rights for everyone. This includes (good) people of all races, genders, sexualities, religions, etc. Many of my friends have raised money to help women you described in your article. (Most of which was very uncalled for, by the way. You seem extremely racist and islamophobic) It isn’t that easy though, so they are starting in America, the closest place. You have to start somewhere. As a feminist, I believe men should be able to call sexual assault rape. I believe gender roles should be broken. Men should be able to have long hair, wear make up, and be emotional without being looked down upon. I believe stay at home dads should not be a bad thing. I believe in equal rights. You must’ve not done your research. Why don’t you look up the definition of a misandrist? This is the type of woman you are describing. They are a disgrace to everything feminists stand for. Sorry to burst your bubble, but feminists want equal rights. If you think you don’t have equal rights as a male, get off your lazy ass and do something about it. Don’t sit behind a fucking computer screen and feel sorry for yourself. Stop hating on women just because they have the guts to go out and fight for their rights, unlike you. Honestly, you are the scum of the Earth. Enjoy your sad, miserable life. Asshole.


  18. Your entire statement in itself is a logical fallacy. It is completely invalid. By telling women how they should feel and invalidating all of their experiences you are oppressing them. Until you have a vagina and are/identify as a women, you have absolutely no right to tell a woman what is happening to them or how they should feel about it. You have no idea what it is like to be a woman, and I really don’t care if you partner is a woman, or that a woman runs 50% of the website. Until you yourself have gone through the experiences, your argument is hypocritical.

    In addition to that, it also seems very xenophobic, and even more false. Saying women in Saudi Arabia have it worse, so you aren’t oppressed at all is just a stupid argument. That’s like saying “China is so polluted they have to wear masks. Do you have to wear masks? No? Well then. ‘Dear Americans, There is No Pollution in America'”. What are you even trying to say? Not only does your argument oppress women, but it also makes absolutely no sense. I would love to see you further explain, because I am obviously not “intelligent enough to realize how ridiculous the march was” and my stupid woman self is “now crying out oppression because of an off the cuff, hyperbolic remark.” By the way, why are you throwing such a hissy fit? You do realize posting something like this results in back lash, right? Honestly, how were you not expecting this? But again, thanks for telling me “you all look like idiots when you think that hypothetical speech is oppression when there are women in the world who are actually facing oppression. You sound like a spoiled brat.” Thanks for the information! Glad that you are telling me exactly what I am ‘actually facing’ and what I am not facing. Not oppression at all!


  19. Okay I’m not gonna try and step on everyone’s toes here. I’m no where near as intelligent as some of the men and women on this post, nor am I familiar with the in’s and out’s of this march, but there’s a few things I have an issue with – from both sides.

    Women are not nearly as oppressed as they used to be. Every male, female, feminist, meninist, human being with intellectual thought knows that. Neither are men. Everyone is on the same page there. I agree with the author in many aspects – that we, as American women, are not prohibited from attending university or from achieving our own dreams. That is up to the person.

    But feminists are like vegans – hell, or any political party. A few bad ones ruin the whole idea of them. There are two extremes, and many a time people ignore the grey. Many American women aren’t just fighting for their rights, BUT the rights of women in other countries as well, who wish to be helped and are most definitely oppressed.

    Some women who are more fierce about this than others have been put in a position where they’ve been oppressed. Just because you live where you live doesn’t mean that somewhere else in the United States there isn’t an old-fashioned town that some young girl lives who wants to explore the world. Just because women around you aren’t oppressed, doesn’t mean that across the nation there isn’t. I’m not an oppressed woman myself, I’m free and I’m damn well proud of it. I fit into a female stereotype, sure, being an Art and English major, maybe becoming a stay-at-home mom, and I’m proud of that. So I don’t understand the position some young women are in. But what I do understand is that attacking people on here based on your own experiences around your area is immoral. Can we listen to each other? Can the author not attack the American women in a big lump? Maybe just focus on the march. Can the commenters not attack the author for stating his opinion? There are facts in this post, and there are logical points. Please don’t try to shut anyone up when stating their opinion though.

    Unless you’re the commenter who related tampons to a draft? I mean I’m sorry but that’s just dumb and you’re looking for something to argue about. Tampons aren’t as important as the people drafted, so don’t even try to compare the two. Sorry but that’s just realistic.


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