Government Isn’t Necessary For Contraception Access

In an opinion published by National Geographic, Melinda Gates shared her view on the importance of providing women with contraceptives, and information about her her global partnership, Family Planning 2020, which has pledged to get 120 million women access to contraceptives by the year 2020. Gates’s plan is a truly selfless, philanthropic endeavor which serves no purpose other than to provide needy women with access to contraceptives to improve their lives. This is what plans about access to contraceptives should look like. Private individuals advocating for a cause they believe in, not taxation and government programs.

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Trailer for Netflix Series ‘Dear White People’ Triggers Racial Controversy

Yesterday, Netflix revealed the first trailer, and date announcement, for their new original series ‘Dear White People’. The video, which currently sits at around half a million views, and a more than 95% dislike to like ratio, has sparked controversy among viewers who claim the trailer is promoting racism against whites. The TV adaptation of the 2014 Justin Simien film will chronicle the story of Samatha White, host of the radio show ‘Dear White People’ at the fictional Winchester University. The trailer features White on her radio show telling white students what they can and cannot be for Halloween this year. Specifically that they cannot be her, a black person.

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Where Were These Refugee Sympathizers When Obama Was Bombing Their Countries?

Protests at nearly every major airport have erupted in the last several days in response to President Trump’s immigration ban on seven Muslim majority countries. Protestors call the 90 day suspension of travel from individuals from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Libya a human rights violation that does not represent American values. Some have likened it as a first step toward policies like the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II. I only have one question for these protestors; Why weren’t you protesting when President Obama was bombing these nations, the reason why their residents are refugees in the first place?

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No, I Am Not Going to Learn 56 Genders

Facebook recently updated its gender settings on profiles, allowing users to pick between 56 different genders that range from Agender, Pangender, Two-Spirit, other, and a whole a variety of other options that I cannot tell the difference between. Now, I have absolutely no problem with someone choosing to identify with one of these 56 concoctions. If you want to be a Pangender, go for it. If you aren’t quite Pangender, and you’re more of a gender fluid person, awesome. You’re a Cisgender male, previously Cisgender man? Fine by me. My issue arises when someone expects me to know the difference between all of them.

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The Death of Personal Responsibility

As children, our parents decide nearly everything for us; what we eat, where we go to school, where we live, etc. This is rather necessary as children are, usually, incapable of making responsible decisions for themselves. Children do not get to pick what to eat because they will eat candy three meals a day. Children don’t decide where they go to school because they would probably opt for nowhere. Children don’t decide where they live because they don’t possess the resources or knowledge to choose a place to live. Yes, as children we need our parents to make these important decisions for us because we cannot.

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Preparing for Automation- Minimum Wage Laws Destroy Unskilled Labor

In feudal Europe roughly 90% of the population belonged to the peasant class, and the vast majority of peasants were farmers. Without modern farming equipment it was a very labor intense, painstaking process to farm land, requiring large numbers of people. Then the ox drawn plow came along, and cut the number of people needed to farm land in half. More technology came into play and today in developed countries like the United States, the percentage of the population working in agriculture is 1.6%.

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Your Life is Sacred!.. Until You’re Born

Donald Trump has said that he plans to elect Supreme Court justices who are pro-life, and in turn plans to overturn the decision in Roe v. Wade, returning the right to create legislation regarding abortion back to the states. Logistically speaking I have reservations about this happening, that is to say that I doubt the law will change. Personally, I believe that Trump was pandering to the pro-life base and now that he is president this issue will take a backseat. Roe v. Wade has long been settled and it would be a nightmare to change it, but again this is just my opinion. I could be dead wrong.Read More »