Trailer for Netflix Series ‘Dear White People’ Triggers Racial Controversy

Yesterday, Netflix revealed the first trailer, and date announcement, for their new original series ‘Dear White People’. The video, which currently sits at around half a million views, and a more than 95% dislike to like ratio, has sparked controversy among viewers who claim the trailer is promoting racism against whites. The TV adaptation of the 2014 Justin Simien film will chronicle the story of Samatha White, host of the radio show ‘Dear White People’ at the fictional Winchester University. The trailer features White on her radio show telling white students what they can and cannot be for Halloween this year. Specifically that they cannot be her, a black person.

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Objection! Russia Has Not Been Implicated in Power Grid Hack

At the time I write this, stories from The Washington Post, USA Today (subsidiaries), and others are circulating around the web making the bold claim that the Left’s new boogeyman, Russia, is behind an attempt to compromise a power grid. Unfortunately, none of the sources perpetuating this lie have any evidence whatsoever to substantiate this claim.

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The Lazy’s Guide to Improving Your Privacy

You know the feeling. You’re reading an article about the NSA or talking privacy with a good friend. That guilty feeling that you haven’t done all the awesome security things that you know how to do but just, well, haven’t exactly gotten around to. Or perhaps deep down you don’t really enough about your privacy and whether the big government and big business giants have your data.

Here are a few, simple, easy, ways to make yourself more secure and private on the internet.

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DAPL Rerouted: A Victory for Liberty?

Image Credit: Carl Wycoff from Nevada, USA

So just recently it was announced that the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) would be rerouted such that it would pass farther away from the Standing Rock Reservation controlled by the Sioux Indian Tribes. A victory for sure, right? A defeat for the corporate cronies that manipulated the government into giving them easements for their projects.

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