DAPL Rerouted: A Victory for Liberty?

Image Credit: Carl Wycoff from Nevada, USA

So just recently it was announced that the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) would be rerouted such that it would pass farther away from the Standing Rock Reservation controlled by the Sioux Indian Tribes. A victory for sure, right? A defeat for the corporate cronies that manipulated the government into giving them easements for their projects.

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News: Reports of SIGINT sabotage at Standing Rock. An analysis.

You may of heard of the protests at Standing Rock, the site of a future Oil Pipeline. Large protests have developed which have gotten 24/7 media attention. But apparently the media and the DAPL constructors aren’t the only ones giving the protestors such close attention.

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News: ReddiTrust, New Browser Addon to Combat Reddit Identity Theft

Featured Image: A demonstration of the ReddiTrust application using an intentionally malformed message

As soon as I saw the news that /u/spez, administrator of Reddit, had silently edited comments against user’s intent, I came up with the relatively simple idea of an application which allows you to sign your messages, allowing others to know they really came from you.

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